Momma’s Boys (And Girls!): 20 Celebrities Walking The Red Carpet With Their Moms

Can you imagine having to walk down a red carpet, smiling and posing for hundreds of cameras just so that the public can smash your outfit and the experts drag your hard work? I, for one, know that I’d want to have my mom by my side so, once again, she could get me through that terrifying scene.

After all, she’s been doing that since the day I was born! Not necessarily wearing a haute-couture night gown—but still…

Next to what to wear to Hollywood’s most exclusive events, no decision is bigger that who to bring. But for Jared Leto, Emma Stone, and Ryan Reynolds, it wasn’t a tough call! Many celebrities know that taking your mom as your companion is always the right answer.

Ahead of Mother’s Day, we bring you a list of 20 stars who love to share the spotlight with the women that have been there from the very beginning.


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