National Burger Day Celebrity Edition!

They’ve probably had caviar, lobster, and other endless expensive, refined, lavish dishes that we can’t neither afford nor pronounce. But not even celebrities can resist the delicious temptation of a big juicy burger.

A warm, customizable, reasonably inexpensive sandwich—not to mention they often are served up with a side of your favorite fried food, which only makes them about a thousand times better— burgers are probably at the very top of the feel-good food list (sorry, pizza).

No wonder why a delicious burger is the go-to comfort food of A-listers, even after parading in a catwalk or having enjoyed a fancy evening at an awards ceremony.

In honor of National Burger Day, let’s celebrate this delicious holiday looking back at some celebrities who’ve indulged at a burger joint after a big night out. Needless to say, you should be eating a burger while clicking through our photo gallery above.


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