Taylor Swift Was Told To Take A Shower In First Recorded Interview In Years And Twitter Can’t Shake It Off

In what could’ve been an epic first interview after avoiding the cameras for two years, an interviewer had the nerve to suggest Taylor Swift to take a shower. And Swifties are feeling personally offended.

After putting a ton of sweat into her Biggest Weeknd performance, BBC1 reporter Greg James literally told Taylor Swift “I think you need to have a shower now.” Though James surely meant the comment lightheartedly, and even when Taylor herself laugh the joke off, one simply does not imply people they are gross and stinky to their face—especially when they have millions of fans who will most likely be hella offended by your cringe-worthy joke.

Understandably, Greg’s inappropriate comment has cause quite a stir on social media. Click through our photo gallery above to see the best reactions to sweaty Taylor Swift.


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