The Many Boyfriends And Flings Of Blac Chyna Throughout The Years

Angela Renée White, professionally known as Blac Chyna, turns 30 today! An this year is the turn for rapper YBN Almighty Jay to celebrate with the exuberant model.

After a tumultuous relationship (to say the very least!) with Rob Kardashian—and multiple flings in between—Chyna may have found the stability, and maturity that her previous romance with the reality TV star was lacking in her new younger lover who just recently turned 18 years old (ha ha ha).

Do not get us wrong, we are glad that there is a new man in the life of Blac Chyna. But the love-life of this former exotic dancer has proven to be like one giant roller coaster ride. Only time will tell if this young man will become the newest addition to Blac Chyna’s list of relationships to dramatically fall apart in the public eye.

Meanwhile, we’re going to fasten our seatbelts in anticipation of a bumpy ride and patiently wait for the scandal while we take a look back at 10 famous dudes Blac Chyna has dated—or at least sort of dated—throughout the years.


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