Tom Hanks, Tom Hiddleston, And 10 Other Famous Toms In Hollywood

  • Click through our photo gallery to check some of the biggest Toms in Hollywood. (Photos: WENN)

  • Tom Hanks is not only the best Tom on this list, but he’s also our favorite castaway, soldier, eastern European man stuck in an airport, and kid trapped in an adult’s body. (Photo: WENN)

  • Some call him Maverick, others call him Ethan Hunt. We simply call him Tom Cruise. (Photo: WENN)

  • He’s the quintessential British gentleman—one of the many reasons why we can’t stop crushing on the irresistible Tom Hiddleston. (Photo: WENN)

  • Tom Hardy is Hollywood’s cliché. Men want to be him. Woman want to be with him. But he’s deserving of all the adoration. Including ours, of course! (Photo: WENN)

  • Tommy Hilfiger is one of the world’s leading designers, internationally recognized for celebrating the essence of classic American cool spirit. (Photo: WENN)

  • Tom Selleck’s mustache alone deserves a spot on this list. No other actor on earth could work that iconic ‘stache in so many different roles. But Tom Selleck does. (Photo: WENN)

  • Most people love to hate him, but some of us just can’t help but love him. It’s hard being the best, and no one knows that better than Tom Brady! (Photo: WENN)

  • Sorry, Will Smith, but everyone knows Tommy Lee-Jones, a.k.a. Agent K, is *the* ultimate men in black. Need some supervision on extraterrestrial lifeforms? TLJ is your guy! (Photo: WENN)

  • From giving his life to save the Three Eyed Raven to trying to escape a mysterious maze, English star Thomas Brodie-Sangster is in the run to become the next big Tom on this list. (Photo: WENN)

  • Sure, he played obnoxious/evil/pathetic Draco Malfoy in the “Harry Potter” franchise. But Tom Felton is so irresistible even the Gryffindors love him now! (Photo: WENN)

  • After everything that went down on “Avengers: Infinity War” we couldn’t live Tom Holland (a.k.a. Spidey) out of this list :-( (Photo: WENN)

  • It’s been 7 years since we last heard “Somebody saaaaaaave me” playing on our TV’s. But our love for Clark Kent, uhm, Tom Welling will go on forever. (Photo: WENN)

Click through our photo gallery to check some of the biggest Toms in Hollywood. (Photos: WENN)

Thomas Brodie-Sangster reached international with the help of Oscar winners Emma Thompson and Colin Firth in the fantasy comedy Nanny McPhee. And the influence of these two legendary movie stars as certainly pushed this British promise in the right direction.

Since his days as Simon, the oldest of the unruly Brown children, Thomas has worked in major projects both on the big and small screen, including titles such as Game of Thrones and the Maze Runner franchise.

And while Brodie-Sangster, now 29, certainly has the talent to become one of the biggest stars of our generation, he still has a long way to go to become nearly as popular as one of his fellow “Toms” in the entertainment industry.

It sure isn’t easy to make a name of your own when you’re competing against Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks, and Tom Hiddleston! Click through our photo gallery above to check some of the biggest Toms in Hollywood.

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