10 Millennial Celebrities Who Refuse To Use Social Media

Is National Social Media Day, but we know of 10 stars who won’t be celebrating this holiday.

Despite having been born in the modern technology and digital era, some celebrities are no about the social media life. We’re used to see celebrities come and go from Instagram and Twitter in an attempt to promote a new movie or an upcoming album. But, unlike this used and abused PR stunt, some A-lister have seriously sworn off social media.

Whether they are desperately clinging to the last glimpse of privacy they have left, trying to avoid the Instagram and Twitter addictions, or simply because they’re not very tech savvy, you won’t be able to find some of the top names in Hollywood like Jennifer Lawrence and Daniel Radcliff on social media.

In honor of National Social Media Day, here are 10 celebrities who think social media is toxic, or at the very least, an invasive drag. Not the best way to celebrate it but, hey—it is what it is!


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