10 Reasons Why We Love (Like, REALLY Love) Amy Schumer And You Should Too

In a world full of lavish celebrities, Amy Schumer is a down-to-earth star. She’s normal. SO. NORMAL. The innate comedian confronts all the “normal” things women spend so much of their time hiding—from one-night stands, to struggles with her weight, to bad drinking habits, to contracting an STD.

Amy is our hero for shouting out these very normal situations from the rooftops with such a witty, non-apologetic humor that she manages to make us all feel a little less embarrassed of our awkward, every-day life.

But her realness is only one of the many reasons why Schumer has become the funny friend we all wish we had!

In honor of her 37th birthday yesterday, here’s a complete least of reasons why we are obsessed (like, really, REALLY obsessed) with Amy Schumer and why our favorite funny lady is someone who genuinely deserves our love and admiration.


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