The 10 TV Patriarchs Who Deserve Their World’s Best Dad Mug

Walter White, Tywin Lannister, Don Draper, George Bluth, Tony Soprano… the list goes on and on. There are plenty questionable, not-so-good, nearly evil dad on TV. And while they positively make our shows much more entertaining, they also make us appreciate the few good-hearted fellas who actually care about their family.

We all wanted Hal to teach us how to roller-skate our way through life. We all wished Phil could enlighten our minds with a bit of Phil-osophy. We certainly all dreamed of singing the “Big Three” chant with Jack. Some of this character raised most of us through the TV, and even demonstrated some wonderful parental traits worth emulating in real life.

For Mother’s Day, we listed some of the best fictional moms to ever grace the small screen. So it was only fitting that we’d bestow the same honor to television dads, in celebration of their own special day. Happy Father’s Day!


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