Who Is Katherine Schwarzenegger? 10 Things You Should Know About Chris Pratt’s New Girlfriend

Star-Lord meets the Terminator’s daughter.

Snapped by TMZ, Chris Pratt was seen enjoying a romantic (if not, oddly snuggly) Sunday picnic with none other than Katherine Schwarzenegger. Yes—as in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s daughter, as in the toughest father-in-law there could be.

But if goofball Chris is willing to go face to face with remorseless killer, the Terminator himself, for the love of his eldest daughter, that must mean the beautiful Katherine Schwarzenegger is damn well worth it—and not just because of her enviable looks!

Since she isn’t exactly in the spotlight, we thought it would be useful to dig up a few facts about Katherine Schwarzenegger and figure out how she made Chris Pratt decide to come back to the dating game—maybe for the last time? We’re hopeful!


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