10 Argentines Who Have Taken The World By Surprise

With personalities like the amazing Lionel Messi DSA<and the legendary Diego Armando Maradona, Argentina is widely known as the birthplace of some of the top soccer stars the world has ever seen. So, watching as many remarkable Argentine players gracing the field over the years comes as no surprise.

However, as gifted as Argentines are when it comes to this beautiful game, the South American country has a handful of other equally incredible and varied talents off the pitch.

Although just a few have made it, the Argentines who have managed to achieve international fame have become some of the most recognized and respected names in the entertainment, fashion, makeup, and—of course—sports industry.

In honor of Argentina’s Independence Day, here’s a rundown of some of the biggest stars that were either born, raised, or come form Argentine ascend. From soccer star Lionel Messi to the muse behind Michael Bublé’s romantic tunes, these are 10 Argentines who have taken the world by surprise.


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