10 Reasons Why We’ve Fallen In Love With Milo Ventimiglia

We first became fans of Milo Ventimiglia while watching Gilmore Girls and we haven’t stopped since. But our obsessions reached uncharted territories when he took on the role of Person patriarch in This Is Us.

His flawless portrayal of the selfless provider/ professional “Big Three” chanter has made us all wish we were raised by the incredible Jack Pearson (which is weird considering that we also dream of carrying his babies—but that’s a whole other topic). But there are far too many other reasons why Milo Ventimiglia has become our new ultimate man crush.

In honor of his 41st birthday, here are 10 reasons why we’ve fallen in love with the world’s greatest father and sexiest mustached man, Milo Ventimiglia. This list will help you forgive him for making us cry every single week while you watch anew heartbreaking episode of This Is Us.


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