10 Reasons Why Tom Hanks Is Utterly Awesome

Everyone has a celebrity crush. Girls love Zac Efron’s  killer abs, some fancy Tom Cruises’ pearly whites, and others gush over George Clooney’s overall good looks. But our celebrity crush happens to be a 62-year-old sheriff/ astronaut/ Fedex engineer/ shrimp entrepreneur.

Yes, we’re talking about Tom Hanks, a.k.a. the nicest guy in Hollywood. Not only is he a seasoned actor and a champion of method acting, but he’s also the good guy we can look to when other celebrities start disappointing us. He’s our rock. Talented, good natured, charming…the list goes on and on. Tom Hanks’ has got the whole package!

So, would we go as far as saying that Tom Hanks is the male version of living-legend and queen of everything Meryl Streep? Of course we would! Basically, what we are saying is that Tom Hanks is awesome, and here are a bunch of things that prove it.


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