From Aunt Lydia To Uncle Jesse: 10 Most Memorable Fictional Aunts And Uncles To Ever Grace Our Screens

Happy National Aunts and Uncles Day, yet another made-up holiday, created to celebrate your parent’s weirdo brothers and sisters.

While some uncles and aunts are the perfect partners in crime and will let you get away with thing you’ve would’ve gotten in trouble for—like everyone’s favorite uncle Jesse from Full House—, others can become your darkest hellish nightmare in their attempt to utterly ruin your life. Just ask poor Harry Potter or handmaid Offred and they’ll tell you all about it!

In honor of National Aunts and Uncles day, we take a loot at some of the more memorable aunts and uncles—good and awful—who have graced our airwaves. Here are the ones (in no particular order) we think are most worthy of our purest love and outermost contempt.


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