Why Is Benedict Cumberbatch So Freaking Amazing?

Why are people so obsessed with Benedict Cumberbatch? Well—the answer is in the question itself: Benedict Cumberbatch.

Just to give you an idea, he’s been in a handful of Cumberawesome productions—including, but not limited to, The Imitation Game, Doctor Strange, and, of course Sherlock—, his eyes change from green to blue due to a rare condition called heterochromia iridia, and there’s basically no one he can’t impersonate—from Alan Rickman to Chewbacca.

So, yeah, you can’t really blame us for being Sher-locked.

If you’ve ever watching him on screen—or just watched him in general, you will know that 10 arguments are just not enough to explain why we love him and his amazing skills. But in honor of his 42nd birthday, we’ve compiled a list of reasons why the “Cumberpeople” just can’t seem to resist the dashing Benedict Cumberbatch.


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