Bikinigram: 15 Celebrities Who Love To Flaunt Their Bikini Body On Instagram

While your boring friends share their blurry OOTD photos and pretentious “what I had for lunch” pictures, these celebrities are keeping themselves busy upholstering their Instagram pages with the most enviable summer body pictures.

It seems as if Paris Hilton, the Hadid sisters, and the entire Kardashian Jenner clan had nothing better to do but to rub their toned bodies and photoshop-like abs on our screens by seemingly wearing the tiniest bikinis they could find.

Although, to be fair, we too would flaunt our bikini body all over social media if it looked even remotely similar to theirs.

In honor of National Bikini Day—because, apparently, that’s a thing—here are 15 bikini enthusiast celebrities to motivate you to get in shape before hitting the beaches and poolsides in a microscopic bikini—or perhaps something a little less daring?


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