David Henrie And 10 Other Davids Who Are So Unlucky To Share Names With David Beckham

Today is David Henrie’s 29th birthday. And though we had the good-hearted intention of dedicating an entire post to the Wizards Of Waverly Place star, we have to admit our minds are in a completely different place.

When we hear the name David our mind goes straight to that special place reserved for our ultimate man crush, our dream boyfriend (and Victoria Beckham’s trophy husband) David Beckham.

Sorry, Henrie, but there’s only room for one David in our hearts—and that spot is already take.

But since it Henrie’s special day, at least we’ll say he is in fact going against the absolute sexiest man alive, which, we think is fair to say, is some pretty tough competition. Oh, what a terrible time to be named David! But at least the actor is not suffering alone.

Click through our photo gallery above and see 10 other celebrities who are so terribly unlucky to share names with the one and only David Beckham. (Yes—you guessed correctly. None of them are nearly as handsome as the soccer star!)


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