From Magical Snowmen to Ultimate Romantics: Josh Radnor And All The Other Celebrities Named Josh

After watching him portray How I Met Your Mother‘s Ted Mosby— the ultimate romantic and one of the most relatable characters to ever grace our screens—, listen him talk about the pressures of fame, and see him gracefully embrace his grey hair (THANK GOD FOR THAT ONE), it’s hard to believe that 44 years ago we were so lucky to be blessed with the birth of a downright amazing guy like Josh Radnor.

But even more surprising is the fact that most Josh’s on the entertainment industry are equally amazing—or at least close enough— as our favorite on-screen architect. And that’s saying a lot when you’re the lead star of one of the most beloved shows in TV history.

From tough guys, to magical snowmen, to real-life Princes Charming, to deadly game’s survivors, these 10 famous Josh in showbusiness have found the way to our heart with their unparalleled talent, hot looks, and great sense of humor. Oh—and did we mention they are H-O-T?

In honor of Josh Radnor’s birthday, click through our photo gallery above to see 10 celebs who are elevating the name Josh!


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