Jennifer Lopez Shares A Picture Of Her 49th Birthday Celebration And Twitter Wants To Know How She’s Aging Backward

On Monday, Jennifer Lopez celebrated her 49th birthday surrounded by her close friends, her family, and the love of her life (?) boyfriend Alex Rodriguez. But judging by the photo JLo shared of her birthday celebration, anyone who didn’t know her would say the singer had just turned 29.

Is no secret that, like fine wine, Jenny From The Block only gets better with time. But the pictures of Lopez featuring her impressive abs on full display in a tiny black and white string bikini have taken JLo’s graceful aging to a whole new level.

Fans on Twitter seem to think that the singer is, in fact, aging backwards—and we totally agree. I need to start breathing the same air as her, drinking the same water, or stealing her genes because if I don’t look like JLo when I’m 49, you might as well put me in a home.

See what stan Twitter is saying of Jennifer Lopez enviable body in our photo gallery above. WARNING: These pictures of JLo at49 will make you hate your 20-year-old self significantly more.


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