Meet The Woman Behind Cristina Yang: 10 Fun Facts About The Fierce Sandra Oh

Last week, Sandra Oh became the first actress of Asian descent to earn an Emmy nomination for lead actress in a drama series for her outstanding role on the BBC’s Killing Eve. However, believe it or not, her historic nomination isn’t the most outstanding thing about Sandra’s life.

From her origins, to her beginnings in the entertainment world, her days in Shonda Rhimes’ iconic series, and her legacy in the fight for the representation in Hollywood, off screen, Sandra Oh is even more amazing than the remarkable Cristina Yang—and that’s saying something when you’re being compared to Meredith Gray’s bestie, who also happens to be the Director of Cardiothoracic Surgery at the absolute most chaotic hospital in the world.

In honor of her 47th birthday, we celebrate Sandra Oh with 15 fun facts about the life and career of our favorite fiction doctor that even the most diehard Grey’s Anatomy fans might not know. Click through our photo gallery above to see how well you know the woman behind Cristina Yang.


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