10 Of Hollywood’s Funny Guys Who Also Happen To Be Supremely Hot

There’s just something about the charm and electricity of a man who makes you giggle like a little girl that will always make us fall for the funny guy. Maybe it’s the fact that he never fails to entertain you, perhaps it’s his wit and creativity, or it could be the fact that his sense of humor radiates confidence and charisma.

I mean, there’s a reason why birthday boy Andy Samberg never fails to steal our hearts—whether he’s cracking us up with a SNL skit or playing the goofiest/savviest police officer in the NYPD.

And if you also throw handsome to the mix, well, let’s just say you’ve found yourself a rare unicorn!

Luckily for us, Hollywood happens to be some sort of magical enchanted forest, because there’s a handful of hilarious guys who also happen to be supremely hot. Sure—it’s their humor what makes some of these men even more irresistible, but others are drop-dead gorgeous, plain and simple.

Everyone loves to laugh, and what’s better than someone you find totally hot AND completely hilarious—just like the 10 celebrities in our photo gallery above? Good looks and a great sense of humor. Pretty much nothing tops that.


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