10 Reasons Why We Look Up To Demi Lovato

It’s so easy to love Demi…

We first fell in love with this Disney darling on As The Bell Rings before the Camp Rock craze even hit. But even after going from a sugary sweet princess to a rebel without a cause, there are still plenty of reasons to not only love but look up to Demi Lovato.

After sharing her story with mental health issues, opening up about her own struggles with substance addiction, and even her shocking drug overdose just a month after publicly admitting she’d fallen off the wagon, Demi Lovato has proven she’s not only a celebrity who actually stans up for what she believes, but inspires her fans and other to love who they are.

In honor of her 26th birthday, and in hopes of her full recovery, here are 10 reasons why “bad girl” Demi Lovato should be everyone’s role model. Because Lovatics don’t love her because she’s perfect. They love her because she is getting better.


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