10 Solid Arguments That Prove Chris Is The Most Hems-worthy Brother Of Your Love

Let’s settle this once and for all.

We’re sick and tired of listening people debating about which Hemsworth brother is the best. Sure, Miley, Liam is cute and all. And yes, Luke is quite literally is the OG Hemsworth brother, like, by birth. But we have far too many reasons to believe, nay, know that Chris deserves the Hemsworth crown.

I mean, we can all agree all three Hemsworths are hot AF—so we’re not going to go and try to make our case by saying Chris is irresistibly handsome (although, duh, he totally is). But when throw fatherhood and star power to the mix—among other equally irresistible things, of course— is evident it isn’t Liam nor Luke, but Chris who is the epitome of the male form in all its glory.

Celebrating his 35th birthday, we’ve laid out 10 solid arguments to prove that Chris is, without a doubt, the most Hems-worthy brother of your love. Picking the sexiest sibling is never an easy game, but we’re willing to play.


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