10 Towering Female Celebrities Who Have To Bend Down to Kiss Their Men

Behind every great man is a great, colossal, tall, towering woman.

It’s 2018, people. Difference in height should absolutely not be an issue. At this point, the whole a-man-should-be-taller-than-his-woman thing is outdated. But there’s still a lot of tall women who don’t want to date shorter men and vice versa for fear of looking weird—specially in the entertainment industry, where everything is about appearances.

However, in the case of these famous folks, height wasn’t a big deal. In fact, if these Hollywood couples show us anything, is that a few inches can’t stop cupid. Hey, it’s all about the love anyway, right?

Click through our photo gallery above to see 10 towering female celebrities who have to bend down to kiss their significant other—whether because they were naturally blessed with long stunning legs or have an affinity for high heels!


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