10 Unreal Things Kylie Jenner Has Already Done By Age 21 That Would Put Any 40-Year-Old To Shame

People love to hate the Kardashians and say they are famous for nothing. But when you think about it, Kylie Jenner really is the exception to that statement.

The youngest member of the reality TV royal family is not your average young adult. While we’re struggling to pay for a barely decent health care, swamped in student loans and credit card debt, and overcoming our third existential crisis of the day, at 21-years-old, Kylie Jenner has her life figured out better than any self-described respectable adult.

Before even being legally allowed to drink, she had already built an empire to her name. Sure—the extreme wealth and fame that Kylie was born into definitely made it way easier for her. However, love her or hate her, it’s still pretty impressive what she’s done.

Celebrating her big 2-1, click through our photo gallery above to look at some unreal things Kylie Jenner has already done by age 21. Reality TV star, social media personality, a cosmetics mogul, and possibly a future billionaire. Suddenly, a Kardashian/Jenner in the White House doesn’t seem like such a far-off idea.


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