12 Pictures That Prove Sofia Richie Will Always Be Daddy’s Little Girl

She may have a 3 million fortune to her name, do racy semi-naked photoshoots for a living, date a man whom is 15 years older than her, potentially become stepmother to three little kids, or be celebrating her 20th birthday. Regardless, Sofia Richie will always be daddy’s little girl.

The youngest Richie has thoroughly documented her relationship with Lionel on Instagram, proving that their father-daughter bond is not only unique and honestly quite enviable, but also one of the strongest among the many famous families in Hollywood.

And even when he doesn’t always agree with what her baby girl does (like dating Scott Disick, for instance), or goes full on helicopter-dad mode monitoring the model by GPS (as she said he was), Lionel Richie still holds the coveted title of Sofia’s favorite man, as the 12 pictures in our photo gallery above prove.


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