Austin Butler And Vanessa Hudgens’ 10 Best Red Carpet Moments That Prove They Are Meant For Each Other

They are each other’s best fashion accessory.

He’s a talented actor and a promising star. He’s also tall, blonde, and mysterious. But despite his remarkable acting chops and irresistible good looks, we all know the best thing about Austin Butler is his long-time girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens.

No tea, no shade. Austin Butler is absolutely amazing on his own—what many would call every women’s fantasy. But every time we see him alongside Vanessa, it’s like if they guy were a thousand times more irresistible. Talk about bringing out the best in your partner!

In honor of this Cali boy’s birthday, here’s a look back at Austin Butler and Vanessa Hudgens’ best red carpet moments together that prove why this two are one of our all-time favorite celebrity pairs in Hollywood. Here’s to other 27 years full with more Austin Butler—hopefully next to Vanessa, of course!


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