Cameron Diaz And 10 Other Celebrities Who Quit Being Famous

You continue to watch her movies. She’s still hunted down by paparazzi. And we certainly would lose our crap if we ran into her on the streets. That’s probably the reason why many might not have realized yet that birthday girl Cameron Diaz hasn’t been on the big screen in over 4 years—nor does she have any projects in the pipeline.

And to all the hopefuls out there—no, this is not a hiatus. Cameron has actually retired from acting, as she confirmed earlier this year in an interview with her The Sweetest Things co-stars.

While many would kill to have two-decades career in Hollywood, be paid up to $15 million per project, win four Golden Globe nominations, and star alongside some of the hottest heartthrobs of the industry, apparently a

Whether it was because they had had enough of the industry, wanted to focus on their personal lives, or reached the 75-year-old mark (and decided to quit as most 75-year-olds outside the entertainment industry would do), these celebrities have all decided to step out of the spotlight.

Click through our photo gallery above to see 10 celebrities who quit being famous despite once being some of the biggest names in Hollywood. Whether they can be tempted back out of retirement remains to be seen!


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