Jason Momoa And 10 Other Celebrities Who Rock Their Very Notable Scars With Confidence

While some celebrities spend thousands of dollars for the most expensive, innovative treatments to achieve a flawless skin or use and abuse Photoshop to hide their imperfections, others are rocking their very noticeable scars because, in the words of Queen Latifah, they “tell a story,”—some painful, some empowering, and some a bit of both.

But, however they got them, these actors, musicians, and even models are here to tell you shouldn’t feel like you have to hide your scars, and that’s why they don’t hesitate to show them off front and center!

From birthday boy Jason Momoa’s signature eyebrow scar, to Ariel Winter’s breast reduction marks, here are 10 celebrities who flaunt their scars with confidence. Click through our photo gallery above to learn how they got their iconic marks.


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