Kourtney Kardashian + Scott Disick And 10 Celebrity Exes We’re Still Rooting For

Listen—we know there’s little to no possibilities that Scott Disick is getting back with Kourtney Kardashian now that she’s back to being single. But we’re choosing to believe that one day they’ll finally get back together so we can go back to sleep peacefully at night.

Don’t get us wrong—we’re used to celebrity breakups. I mean, they are the bread-and-butter of the entertainment world. They move on, we move on, and eventually, what once was a devastating breakup ends up being two friendly exes living their best lives.

However, there’s something about certain famous exes that just make it impossible to get over them. Whether it is their epic romance, their long-shared story, or the obvious love they still have for each other, even years after their breakups, we still find ourselves secretly hoping one day they’ll get back together.

Life is giving Kourt and Scott a second chance (more like the thousand) to rekindle their love, and we celebrate it by listing all the celebrity exes we’re still rooting for. We refuse to believe love is over for this famous pairs.


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