Madonna And 10 Other Celebrities Who Are Obnoxiously Full Of Themselves

Even for Hollywood standards, these celebs are way too cocky for their own good.

If you’re famous, talented, making millions, and dating the hottest celebrities, of course you’re bound to be a tad cocky. But, it seems like some celebrities take this liberty and run with it, taking cockiness to a whole other level.

Like that time Madonna couldn’t help it but talk about herself when supposedly honoring the late Aretha Franklin in the most cringe-worthy tribute since her failed homage to Prince circa 2016. Or recently when Nicki Minaj decided that even though Queen ranked second only behind Travis Scott’s Astroworld, hers was still number 1.

Yes—we all know they are extremely talented that that they have earned the place they have in the entertainment world through hard work and dedication. But it wouldn’t hurt them to be a bit more humble. Perhaps toning the self-appreciation just a notch?

Click through our photo gallery above to see the most stuck-up celebrities in Hollywood who are incredibly full of themselves and some of their most ridicule quots about—yes, you guessed it— themselves.


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