Madonna And 10 Other Female Celebrities Who Prove Women Can Still Be Sexy After 60-Years-Old

Regardless of the candles in their next cake, these women still look amazing!

Kim Kardashian and her peers can wear (or not, whatever) all the thigh, barely-there, see-through pieces they want to make us appreciate their toned physique, but they too will learn that youth doesn’t necessarily equal beauty!

From birthday girl Madonna, who is joining the 60 and plus club, to the-ever beautiful Jane Fond, whom with 80 is the oldest in our list, these 10 celebrities still manage to take our breath away, even though they’ve all left their roaring twenties behind long ago.

In honor of the Queen of Pop’s birthday, here are 10 celebrities who not only prove age is just a number, but also that it’s possible to look better in the latter half of your life than your younger years. If thought women peak in their twenties—think again!


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