From Maryland To The World: 10 Celebrities Who Were Born In The Old Line State

Maryland’s coastal location brings with it a deeply rooted maritime heritage—and that’s why we’re sure there most be something on this state’s water that makes Marylanders so freaking talented and utterly hot.

Though there are already plenty of reasons to love Maryland—it’s one of the original 13 colonies, birthplace of the US Naval Academy, home of the Ravens and the Orioles, and has the absolute best crabs in the world—, after learning all the celebs who proudly call it their home, you’ll be convinced MD is the best state in the United States.

In honor of National Maryland day, here are 10 celebrities, from Olympic legends to talented actors to hilarious comedians, who were all born and raised in the Old Line State. Click through our photo gallery above to find out who they are!


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