Who Is Miley Cyrus’ New Bro-In-Law? Meet Noah’s First Boyfriend, Lil Xan

Do you think Noah will be writing a Malibu-like song inspired on Xan three years from now?

The youngest Cyrus, Noah, and up-and-coming musician Lil Xan made their Instagram debut earlier this week. And though the new lovebirds haven’t officially confirmed—nor denied!—their romance, their PDA-packed post on social media have made it very clear that there’s definitely something going on between this two.

And while many probably had never heard of Lil Xan before, there’s much more to this self-made rapping star than his relationship with Noah Cyrus—though we’ll be the first to admit that seems to be a pretty easy way to have your career take off.

However, if there’s any chance Diego Leanos becomes the next Liam Hemsworth, we better start getting to know Noah’s first-ever boyfriend. Whoa, oh oh oh nothing lasts forever, but Noah and Xan just might—and that’s why we bring you 10 little known facts about Miley Cyrus’ new bro-in-law.


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