People Are Demanding Too See Idris Elba Slipping Into A Tuxedo To Play Bond, James Bond

We’ve been saying this for years.

There’s man who are born to be teachers, men who are born to be doctors, men who are born to be lawyers. And then there’s men who were born to be everyone’s favorite spy—like Daniel Craig, Pierce Brosnan, and Sean Connery. And now, Idris Elba is about to join that list.

In fact, that man is so incredibly talented and insanely hot that he could play every damn role he wants and be right choice. So the fact that he now has an “open door” to be the next 007 makes absolute sense.

Though people have been asking (as in, demanding) to see Idris Elba slipping into a tuxedo play James Bond for over a decade—pretty much since he starred as David Simon in HBO’s The Wire—, now that the franchise’s producer has given us hope that Idris could potentially succeed Daniel Craig in the iconic role, to say fans of the actor are shaken and stirred is, well, an utter understatement.

Click through our photo gallery above to see the best reactions to the news of Idris Elba the front runner to become the next Bond, James Bond. He’s British. He’s hot. Give the man the role!


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