Are Scott And Kourtney Getting Back Together Now That She’s Single Again? Twitter Is Rooting For Them!

Now that Kourtney Kardashian and Younes Bendjima have officially broken up, we have one question and one question only (besides who the heck is the woman behind their split, of course)—and that is when is Scott Disick going to dump Sofia Richie so he can finally get back with his one true love and mother of his three children.

Though the reality TV stars officially broke up nearly three years ago, we never lost hope that one day they will rekindle their love for good. And, call us crazy, but it seems like the stars and the planets are finally aligning to make our dreams come true once and for all.

Not only is Kourtney single again, but Scott has actually been doing good these past couple months, with no negative headlines, releasing a clothing line, and bagging his own TV show—in short, being the guy that the oldest Kardashian sister wanted all along.

Scott, my man, THIS. IS. YOUR. CHANCE.

Click through our photo gallery above to see people on Twitter desperately hoping for the real-life’s Rachel and Ross finally get back together. Sorry, Younes, but Lord Disick never even left the picture…


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