Who Is Suki Waterhouse? 10 Things You Should Know About Robert Pattinson’s New Girlfriend

If you watched the sequel of Divergent, Insurgent, or if you follow her bestie Cara Delevingne’s Instagram, you already know who Suki Waterhouse is.

And even if you don’t, you’ve probably recently heard the model’s name, as the world has just learned she’s Robert Pattinson’s new girlfriend, judging by the PDA-packed pictures of their romantic date night over the weekend.

And even though it drives us crazy that this man can’t be single for at least two seconds so that we finally get the chance to make him fall for us, we can definitely see why Rob is in love with Suki. A highly-demanded model, a successful actress, a business entrepreneur—oh, and did we mention she’s freaking gorgeous?

All of the above seem like good enough reasons to conquer even the hottest of men (as Suki has)—but they certainly aren’t the only ones. Click through our photo gallery above to learn everything you need to know about the British fashionista who has occupied our favorite Rob’s heart.


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