Tyga And 10 Other Celebrities Who Have Fought Baldness With Hair Transplants

And don’t they look great?

If women can get breast augmentations and butt implants, what’s so wrong with a man going from a once-thinning head of hair to a full luscious mane with a little help of a doctor and a few extra follicles?

While some of them have openly talked about their procedures—and even took to Twitter to promote the doctor who worked on them—, others have been more secretive about their obvious transformations. Though we can only assume that their path to baldness was aided by science, because most human being don’t lose hair and then just miraculously grow it back.

From “accidentally” exposed Tyga (not cool, Nicki!) to undeniably assisted John Travolta, here are 10 male stars who have had hair transplants to cover their receding hairlines. Click through our photo gallery above before restoring to the razor and a hat.


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