Zombie Boy’s And 10 Other Celebrities With Face Tattoos

Rick Genest, also known as Zombie Boy, was found dead at age 32 over the weekend.

Rick rose to fame after appearing in Lady Gaga’s Born This Way music video. His unique body art—which included a skeleton-style face and zombie-like brain—attracted fashion designers, which eventually led him to model at high-end shows in Paris and Berlin.

Zombie Boy’s remarkable work in the fashion industry helped overcome discrimination and shift stereotypes about the tattooed community—even to the point of putting face ink on the cusp of becoming the new normal, especially among celebrities.

In honor of Zombie Boy’s life and legacy, here are 10 celebrities, from Post Malone to Miley Cyrus’ brother Trace, who have managed to make face tattoos cool despite society’s outdated beauty standards.


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