10 Pictures Of Keanu Reeves That Prove The Man Simply Doesn’t Age

What kind of sorcery is this?!

Keanu Reeves recently celebrated his 54th birthday but… does it even matter? Is it worth celebrating? Is he really 54? I mean, what’s the point of throwing a birthday party when the man simply doesn’t age.

The “John Wicked” star has been in the spotlight for the last 34 years—but every time we see him on a new film or walking down the red carpet, is like it was the same Keanu Reeves that we first saw on the big screen back in 1984. Seriously, is like if the guy was immune to the passage of time. For all we know he’s just dying those grey hairs on his beard to try and fool us!

And there’s only 5 possible explanations to this phenomenon:

A)      The fountain of youth is real and he’s found it (along with Jennifer Lopez and Halle Berry.)

B)      He learned how to travel in time while filming “Bill & Ted.”

C)      He’s still living in the Matrix.

D)      He’s got some pretty damn good genes.

E)      A combination of all of the above.

And if you still don’t believe Keanu Reeves is aging backwards, why don’t you go ahead and click through our photo gallery above to check out 10 pictures of Keanu Reeves over the past decade to see he has, in fact, aged not one day. Prepare yourself to have your mind blown.


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