10 Reasons Why Prince Harry Is The Absolute Best Husband

We all love our husbands (well—most of us do). We think they are funny, and charming, and cute, and simply the best spouse in the entire world. But Harry of House of Windsor really takes the cake!

The tremendously lucky Meghan Markle really hit the jackpot back in May during the royal wedding of our her dreams when she said “I do” to Prince Harry and put him off the market, setting off a worldwide mourning over the lost of whom was arguably the most coveted bachelor on the face of the Earth to that day (sorry, Leo).

And though we all miss his days as a single man—not only because of his wild bashes, but also because we could dream of one day becoming Mrs. Prince Harry—this real-life Prince Charming was certainly born to be a husband as he’s proven in the short 4 months that he’s been married to Meg.

In honor of his 34th birthday, here’s list of 10 reasons why Prince Harry is the absolute best husband there’s ever been. Click through our photo gallery above to be reminded of all the wonderful things about this royal that can never be yours.


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