10 Things You Need To Know About Cara Delevingne’s Confirmed Girlfriend, Ashley Benson

It looks like Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson just made their relationship Insta-official. But it wasn’t a photo that confirmed their long-rumored romance. All it took was one simple word.

Rumors that supermodel Cara Delevingne and Pretty Little Liars star Ashley Benson have been floating around for months now. And though they’ve remained pretty low-key about their alleged romance, it looks the pair has decided to take it one step further.

On Monday, Cara posted a picture at TIFF, where she’s promoting her new movie Her Smell. And fans soon discovered that Ashley left a few incriminatory comments on the pic. The first one simple read “Mine”—which, if you ask us, is all the confirmation we need. The next one red “I can see your [sushi emoji],” which, in millennial jargon, sushi is slang for, well, vajayjay.

And though we’re happy it didn’t take long for our girl Cara to move on from her early 2018 fling with Paris Jackson, we’re still trying to figure out if we actually approve of Ashley Benson. Because, for all we know, she is a pretty little liar in real life too!

Click through our photo gallery above to learn everything there’s to now about Delevingne’s new girlfriend, Ashely Benson.


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