8 Celebrities Who Have Had The Audacity To Speak Poorly About Beyoncé

She’s one of the greatest voices of our generation, and epic dancer, a mind-blowing performer, an award-nominee actress, a fashion icon, and an overall inspiration to both women and men.

But still, not everyone is a fan of Queen Bey.

Despite all the irrefutable prove that Beyoncé is a gift we’re not worthy of sent by the Gods above, ney, a Goddess herself, there’s people who seem to think that Bey is “overhyped” and that she isn’t as great as people maker out to be.

While we think this bizarre and out-of-their-minds group of people are either jealous or just being hateful for the sake of being cool (although, honestly, hating on Bey is never a good look), they seem to have “good reasons” to believe Beyoncé doesn’t deserve the showers of love she’s given on the daily basis—though they’re wrong, obviously.

In honor of Queen Be twirling on her haters for 37 years straight, here are 8 celebrities who have had the audacity to speak poorly about Beyoncé. “Bye bye Bey” is their motto.


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