8 Facts About Jordyn Woods That Prove She Is More Than Just Kylie’s BFF

You probably already known her as Kylie Jenner’s Instagram sidekick and her frequent Snapchat partner-in-crime. But there are plenty of facts about Jordyn Woods that prove she has a lot more going on that her association with her famous best friend.

From modeling to advocating for body positivity to her high-profile friendships outside the Kardashian-Jenner household, Woods is making some serious moves of her own, and it’s about time that she gets the recognition she very much deserves.

In honor of her 21st birthday, we bring you 8 facts about Jordyn Woods that prove this curvaceous beauty is much more than just Kylie Jenner’s closest confidante.  Here’s the lowdown on honorary Kardashian-Jenner!

  • She has a huge social media following of her own. 6.3 million followers don’t like. That means the equivalent of nearly double the entire population of L.A. check in to see what this 21-year-old is gramming.
  • Jordyn Woods created her own size-inclusive fashion line. In 2016 she collaborated Boohoo to create clothes that range from sizes 2 to 22. “There were times when I wanted to dress like other girls my age, but I couldn’t find clothes in my size.”
  • She’s an accomplished model. Jordyn began posturing in front of the camera when she was only 6 years old and has made a name of her own in the industry ever since.
  • She was even hired to used her skills to promote Yeezy Season 6. Just like *the* Paris Hilton, Jordyn was one of the models recreating Kim’s paparazzi photo.
  • Jordyn prides herself on “accidentally” becoming a spokesperson for body positivity. “For me, if there’s something I don’t like about myself, I’ll accept it—the sooner you can accept it, then you can work on making it better.”
  • As if being an accomplished model and a budding designer wasn’t enough, Jordyn low-key started DJing last year! A true jack of many trades.
  • She has her own celebrity connections besides the Kardashian-Jenners. Not everyone gets to call Will Smith uncle Willy. In fact, Jordyn and Kylie’s individual friendship with Jaden Smith probably resulted in their own bond.
  • Jordyn is a high-profile relationship. Though she’s really private about her dating life, rumors began swirling around back in June that she’s in a relationship with NBA star Devin Booker. “They’re definitely a couple,” an insider confirmed.



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