8 Totally Logical Reasons Why We Love Ezra Miller

Why we love Ezra Miller, you ask? Why wouldn’t we, is the real question! With an impressive acting resumé, an effortlessly cool sense of style, and the sharpest cheekbones in the industry, it’s hard not to be smitten.

He played the psychologically disturbed kid in Wee Need To Talk About Kevin and stars in Justice League as The Flash. But acting chops aside, there are plenty other totally logical reasons why we love Ezra Miller.

And we’ll be glad to bring you up to speed (pun intended, of course).

In honor of his 25th birthday, here are only 8 of the loads of reasons why we love Ezra Miller — and why everyone needs to like him too, even if it’s just a little. Click to learn more about Ezra and hopefully you’ll choose to love him just as we do!


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