A Lookback At Kylie And Jordyn’s Friendship In 10 Pictures

They are each other’s sidekicks, partners-in-crime, and closest confidantes. But don’t be fooled by Kylie and Jordyn’s friendship, because this iconic duo is more than just BFFs.

“I want people to know that we’re more than that,” Jenner said of her ‘wifey’ in an episode of KUWTK. “She’s my girlfriend. I care for her like I care for my girlfriend.” So clearly, Kylie and Jordyn’s friendship is in a whole other level. They are way passed the good ol’ besties bracelet mark.

With a whole makeup collection celebrating their truly enviable friendship, Jordyn’s lip sealed all throughout Kylie’s pregnancy, and endless pictures together documenting their adventures together, it’s safe to say their bond is truly something special.

In honor of Wood’s 21st birthday, here’s a look back at Kylie and Jordyn’s friendship with 10 pictures that will probably want to make you reconsider your group of friends.  Click through our photo gallery above while you wonder if they’re looking for a 3rd


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