Gender-Flipped Remakes: 8 Classic Male Characters Played By Women

Classic male characters played by women is putting an end to decades of men-dominated TV shows and movies.

Another classic male led movie is about to get gender-swapped. Disney will be rebooting a TV series female version of the 2000’s rom-com High Fidelity, now staring Zoe Kravitz as the sad owner of Championship Vinyl and pop culture aficionado.

Initially, the idea of a woman playing the role Rob Gordon had some people on the internet pretty upset, including the original film’s star, John Cusack. However, there are plenty of proof that iconic male characters played by women can be just as good.

From Danny Ocean’s baby sister to rumors of a female James Bond, Hollywood has taken a shine to remaking classic movies or TV shows featuring women in traditionally male roles. And we sure are loving this new of mixing up a tried and true formula!

So, in honor of this new faces and entirely different points of view, here are just a few of our favorite originally male-led franchises that came back with a feminine twist. Male characters played by women is the latest trend in the biz!


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