Is Kanye Really Moving To Chicago? A List Of All Of West’s False Promises

Chicagoans were thrilled to hear the news that its prodigal son Kanye West is planning on permanently moving back to the Wind City as he announced earlier this week.

“I’ve got to let you all know that I’m moving back to Chicago,” said West at Chance the Rapper’s Open Mic event for high schoolers at a public library Monday night. “I’m never leaving again.”

However, given that Yeezy is married to none other than diehard Calabasas resident Kim Kardashian—or to whom many of us like to call the epitome of your classic Californian girl—something tells us neither the reality TV star nor her three children, one of whom is ironically named Chicago, will be leaving the Golden State anytime soon.

Now, you can’t blame us for feeling uneasy about Kanye’s promises. After all, the rapper is well known to make claims that later go unsubstantiated.

Like that time he said he’d be teaching classes with the Art Institute and the American Academy of Art only to have his statements debunked by both schools. Or when he promised a collaboration with Drake, which ended up with Yeezy apologizing to the rapper for backstabbing him. Just to name a few…

So, sorry Kanye, but we’ll take your latest claim with a grain of salt—and you should too! Click through our photo gallery above to see a full list of all of Kanye’s false promises—and the ones he’ll most likely break in the years to come…


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