Jordyn Wood’s 21st Birthday Celebration In Pictures

Kim Kardashian and her sisters are well known for their over-the-top parties. So it was only to be expected that an honorary Kardashian-Jenner member would also know how to throw an equally lavish bash. And that’s exactly what Jordyn Wood’s 21st birthday celebration was.

Just a month after celebrating Kylie Jenner’s birthday, her best friend and wifey walked into a new trip around the sun with a birthday weekend of epic proportions. And let’s just say Jordyn’s festivities only reminded us of how lame our own 21st birthday celebration was.

From the launch of a makeup collaboration a new clothing collection, to the sexiest outfits, and messages of love a good-wishes from her star-studded family and friends, here’s a laydown of Jordyn Wood’s 21st birthday celebration in pictures.


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