Nicole Richie’s Childhood Pictures Are What Throwback Dreams Are Made Of

Nicole Richie’s childhood pictures are way better than her modern-era Instagram posts.

Who doesn’t love to gaze at their old pictures and reminisce of those happy childhood days when you used to spend hours building forts and castles, playing outside with your friends, or enjoying some ol’ quality family time?

But that’s for us, regular people.

Because when your childhood was all about touring around the country with your famous father, meeting his fellow celebrities, and rocking the latest trends of the 80’s—well, you don’t just stare at the pictures—you post them all over social media!

That’ why we LOVE Nicole Richie’s childhood pictures. Because hers are what throwback dreams are made of!

Since the moment 4-year-old Nicole moved in with Lionel and his then-wife Brenda to later be adopted at age 9, she not only became a Richie, but she also started living the life many of us can only dream of having! No wonder why she routinely shares throwback photos of her family and her younger days on Instagram.

In honor of her 37th birthday, here’s a look back at Richie’s truly awesome life throughout the years with 10 of Nicole Richie’s childhood pictures. If only we had been adopted by Lionel Richie!


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