September Babies: All Of Your Favorite Stars Celebrating Their Birthday This Month

Did you know September is the busiest month of the year for births? You know, because people find the Christmas time—the weather, the nostalgia, and the excessive drinking—and easier time to conceive.

And though the tendency to hook up during the holidays explains why most of you, September babies, often have to share the spotlight on your special day, it also means the chances of sharing your birthday with one of the biggest names in Hollywood are way higher than if you had been born in any other given month!

So sure, you probably know at least 2 other people who were born the exact same day as you, but if someone is going to still your thunder, it might as well be one of your favorite celebrities. Because that makes it a little less painful… right?

Click through our photo gallery above to see all the celebrities blowing the candles—the birthday candles, that is—during the month of September in our photo gallery above!



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